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Pervasive 2009: Call for Videos, Demonstrations, Doctoral Colloquium Papers, Late Breaking Results and Posters (Deadline Extended to Feb 4th) Alexander Varshavsky (Monday, 26 January)

Deadline for Speaker Biometrics Workshop Position Papers Extended to 31 January (was Re: Announcement: Workshop on Speaker Biometrics and VoiceXML 3.0) Kazuyuki Ashimura (Thursday, 22 January)

[2nd Call for Contributions] UbiComp 2009 - 11th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing Julie Kientz (Thursday, 15 January)

LoCA 2009: Final Call for Papers (Abstracts are due January 9th, 2009. Papers are due January 16th, 2009) Alexander Varshavsky (Monday, 5 January)

CFP Digital Information Research Foundation (Thursday, 1 January)

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