Multimodal Interaction on Mobile Devices


I'm sending an invitation to the Multimodal Interaction on Mobile 
Devices Workshop organized by the OpenInterface project and ETSI. We 
will present our Multimodal Middleware Protocol running on J2ME and 
Android phones. This protocol is compatible with W3C MMI architecture as 
it aims to connect components to a web browser running on mobile phones. 
We don't have a mobile implementation of W3C standards running on mobile 
phones yet, but we are really looking forward an integration of both 
initiatives. Anyway, the Workshop will be a good place to discuss 
multimodality on mobile phones.

Best Regards,

Nilo Menezes
Reseach Engineer
Multitel ASBL - Belgium

Multimodal Interaction on Mobile Devices
18th and 19th November 2008

ETSI, in collaboration with the OpenInterface Project (European project 
FP6-35182), is pleased to invite you to a workshop on Standardization of 
Multimodal Interaction on Mobile Devices, to be held at ETSI 
Headquarters, in Sophia Antipolis, France, on the 18th and 19th of 
November 2008.
Multimodal interaction on mobile devices allows the users to interact 
using different and combined interaction modalities such as 3D gesture, 
speech commands, tactile and sound feedback, pressing buttons. There is 
a high potential for new interaction modalities and multimodal 
interaction on mobile devices since it enables the user to access 
functions on the mobile devices while walking (on the move) as well as 
it allows the user to choose the modalities according to her/his 
changing context of use (running in the street, sitting in a noisy 
environment, etc).
Based on current and future mobile technologies, the workshop will cover 
all aspects of multimodal interaction on mobile devices including new 
interaction techniques, design activities, development aspects and 
evaluation issues.
It will aim to address subjects with a potential for future 
standardization at ETSI. An overview of already existing work on 
standardization will start the workshop in order to avoid duplication 
and fragmentation of the work.

Call for papers
The invitation is now open for papers and presentations to be submitted 
to the workshop, on the following suggested topics:
• Interaction modalities on mobile devices
• Multidevice and multimodal interaction on mobile devices
• Multimodal interaction and networking issues
• Configuration, detection and compatibility between multiple vendors
• User configurable mobile multimodal devices
• Multimodal and multidevice aspects of software component development
• Hardware/software requirements for mobile multimodal devices
• Design, development and evaluation of mobile multimodal devices
• Design guidelines for mobile multimodal devices
• Standards for interaction on mobile devices
• Standards for multimodal interaction

Other related topics may be suggested to the workshop organisers. Please 
send your title and short (1 paragraph) abstract of your presentation or 
paper to Ms. Nathalie Guinet at the following e-mail address:
All contributions submitted will be made available on the ETSI website 
after the workshop in pdf format. Presentations should be timed for 
approximately 20 minutes including time for questions afterwards.

Online registration for this workshop is now open. Attendance at the 
workshop is free and is open to non-members of ETSI and of the 
OpenInterface project.
Please register at:

Submission and registration deadlines
The deadlines associated with this event are as follows:
30th September: Submission of paper/presentation title and short 
abstract (1 paragraph)
30th October : Deadline for complete paper/presentation submission
7th November : Registration closes

About ETSI: ETSI produces globally-applicable standards for Information 
and Communications Technologies (ICT), including fixed, mobile, radio, 
converged, broadcast and internet technologies and is officially 
recognized by the European Commission as a European Standards 
Organisation. The high quality of ETSI's work and open approach to 
standardisation has helped it evolve into a "European roots - global 
branches" operation with a solid reputation for technical excellence. 
ETSI is a not-forprofit organisation whose 700 member organisations 
benefit from direct participation and are drawn from 60 countries 
worldwide. For more information, please visit:

About OpenInterface project FP6-35182: Multimodal interaction is 
challenging to develop especially in mobile/ubiquitous settings with 
novel interaction devices. Addressing this challenge, the FP6-35182 
OpenInterface project ( focuses on the design and 
development of an open source platform for the rapid development of 
multimodal interactive systems as a central tool for an iterative 
user-centered design process. The OpenInterface Interaction Development 
Environment (OIDE) includes development tools for assembling, combining 
and testing modalities at multiple levels of abstraction (from the raw 
data to the semantic of users’ events). The OIDE is built on top of a 
runtime kernel which enables the communication between heterogeneous 
components. The OpenInterface project considers two interaction 
contexts, namely a mobile and an ubiquitous setting, and two testbeds, 
namely multimodal interaction for large information spaces (e.g. maps), 
and multimodal interaction for games. The two testbeds are used to 
explore the functionality of the platform. The OpenInterface project 
includes 10 European partners, five academic research institutes and 
five industrial partners.

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