one example in SMIL

Document specification :

The document starts by
displaying a text "Merry Christmas"(Merry) accompanied by a Christmas
song (Song1). Following these two
objects, the text "and" (AND) is displayed, followed by the text "Happy
New Year " (Happy) that is accompanied, in its
turn, by an appropriate song (Song2). Each of the three textual messages
is presented for a period of about 30''. In
addition, a "smiley" (Smiley) makes a brief appearance during the
presentation of the text "and". The background of the
document is composed by a sequence of some Christmas pictures (say 4:
C.Pict1, C.Pict2, ...). The two songs can be
played with any duration in the range between 10'' and 60'' without
considering their complete delivery. 

SMIL Specification :
    <layout type="text/smil-basic">
      <!-- define screen areas -->
      <channel id="text" left="50" top="150" />
      <channel id="fond" left="5" top="5" />
      <channel id="smiley" left="70" top="180" />
    <par endsync = "first" >
      <seq >
        <par endsync = "first" >
          <text  channel="text" src="data/Merry.html" />
          <audio src="data/" />
        <par endsync = "first" >
             <ref src="" dur="2s" />
             <img channel="smiley" src="data/smiley.gif" dur="6s" />
             <ref src="" dur="7s"  />
          <text channel="text" src="data/And.html"  dur="15s"/>
        <par endsync = "first" >
          <text channel="text" src="data/Happy.html" />
          <audio src="data/"/>
      <seq >
        <img channel="fond" src="data/C_Pict1.gif" dur="3s"/>
        <img channel="fond" src="data/C_Pict2.gif" dur="14s"/>
        <img channel="fond" src="data/C_Pict3.gif"  dur="5s"/>
        <img channel="fond" src="data/C_Pict4.gif" dur="4s"/>

We try to play this specification with the DEC Prototype.
We have some minors problems :

audio objects are not played (.au is supported  ?? )
colors of text are not always taken into account.

You could find this specification and the basic objects which composed
it at the following ftp address

You will also find here the equivalent specification in madeus.



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