Re: Interop 2024

Interop is the single best venue you have to make a case to all of the
vendors at once that something is important to you.  Not only that, but new
stuff + interop are taking priorities so getting something beyond those is
extra hard unless we find someone to fund the work - which, while we have
done it thanks to a few sources -  seems to have limits for math :)

On Mon, Sep 18, 2023 at 10:51 AM Deyan Ginev <> wrote:

> Hi Neil, all,
> Is the interop effort a good place for Math WG members to independently
> start filing new issues? I am a little hesitant, myself.
> Wouldn't it make more sense to first see if we have buy-in from the
> respective browser vendors (and meet any conditions to gain that)?
> Once we hear back a "soft yes" from the right vendors, we could file an
> interop issue to make things official.
> Experience seems to show that "cold outreach" requests don't move the
> needle too much in MathML browser land.
> I can certainly imagine making CSS support for MathML Core a public
> "implementation priority" for the Math WG, where we do enough liaison work
> to have backing for a small number of features to gain parity.
> At which point there may be a then-successful interop issue for 2025 (or
> 2026,...)
> Just thinking out loud,
> Deyan
> On Mon, Sep 18, 2023 at 1:23 AM Neil Soiffer <> wrote:
>> To give a little context to Brian's message, the interop effort is an
>> effort to make browsers behave the same/have the same features so
>> developers can count on a feature working in all main browsers when they
>> use the feature.
>> MathML core has some significant features missing from Webkit/Safari and
>> Gecko/Firefox. This means that you can't really use a number of features in
>> MathML core. For example, you can't use CSS with MathML in Safari or
>> Firefox. This is a major frustration for me as a MathML full polyfill
>> author because I can't do some of the polyfills without having to target
>> each browser separately. I know I've seen others complain about this and
>> other issues.
>> This is your chance to make the case for why some of the top implementers
>> in the browser world should concentrate on some feature. As Brian has said
>> more than once, there are A LOT of things outside of math that need
>> attention. We need to make a little noise if we are ever going to get some
>> math features to rise to the level of even being considered. If you have
>> bumped your head into some cross-platform issue with MathML Core, say
>> something by filing a Focus Area Proposal issue. The odds of it getting
>> addressed are not high, but the odds are zero if you don't file an issue.
>>     Neil
>> On Fri, Sep 15, 2023 at 11:11 PM Brian Kardell <>
>> wrote:
>>> Is now open:
>>> The core group had requested i let them know when it was.

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