Re: Interop 2024

To give a little context to Brian's message, the interop effort is an
effort to make browsers behave the same/have the same features so
developers can count on a feature working in all main browsers when they
use the feature.

MathML core has some significant features missing from Webkit/Safari and
Gecko/Firefox. This means that you can't really use a number of features in
MathML core. For example, you can't use CSS with MathML in Safari or
Firefox. This is a major frustration for me as a MathML full polyfill
author because I can't do some of the polyfills without having to target
each browser separately. I know I've seen others complain about this and
other issues.

This is your chance to make the case for why some of the top implementers
in the browser world should concentrate on some feature. As Brian has said
more than once, there are A LOT of things outside of math that need
attention. We need to make a little noise if we are ever going to get some
math features to rise to the level of even being considered. If you have
bumped your head into some cross-platform issue with MathML Core, say
something by filing a Focus Area Proposal issue. The odds of it getting
addressed are not high, but the odds are zero if you don't file an issue.


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