Reminder: MathML Full meeting on Thursday (2 hours)

 One more week where we have a difference between North America and Europe
wrt daylight savings time. The meeting is at the same time as before in the
US and Canada. It's an hour earlier for those in Europe.

We meet at: 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern,* 5pm *GMT*, 6pm* Central European

The meeting details were sent to the W3C members-only "member-math" mailing
list <> for
the group. The regulars for this group should have the meeting details in
their calendars.

This will be another extended 2 hour meeting so we can get through some
important discussions involving "intent". We made good progress last week
and there was continued discussion the past week on the grammar. The spec
was tentatively updated so it is clearer what we are debating/considering
changing. Potentially we can move onto a core list for intent names and
property names.

1. Announcements/Updates/Progress reports
    Note: spec was updated for some parts of intent (#450
<>, #452
2. Vote on intent direction (template vs function approach)
3. Intent issues this week:
   a)  What's in a name (also "reference", etc)? #448
   b)  Intent Properties: ordering & references #449
   c)  Proposed intent with functional notation #451

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