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Your example is among the very many inappropriate unicode-name to speak-aloud-name. This will keep coming. E.g. probably most arrows are like that too.

But the script capital p does not correspond to anything I feel is widely known in books with formulæ. So it is probably too much to expect to make this into a minimal intent proposal. I might be biased with some math culture though.

“Just add configurability” is what is needed for such cases, I think.


Murray's point was that

℘ U+2118

is not part of a script alphabet, apart from its nonsensical name it  is a one-off symbol specific to Weierstrass and distinct from

𝓅 U+1D4C5 lowercase script p


𝒫 U+1D4AB uppercase script p

So If we (choose to) believe that everyone always uses Unicode as documented and never uses U+2118 as a general script letter It should have a special rule to pronounce it as "Weierstrass p"

If we choose not to believe that, it still needs a special speech rule as it is a lower case p with Unicode name "script capital p"



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