Minutes: MathML full meeting 16 June, 2022


   - Louis Maher
   - Neil Soiffer
   - David Carlisle
   - Stephen Watt
   - Steve Noble
   - David Farmer
   - Bruce Miller
   - Sam Dooley
   - Cary Supalo
   - Paul Libbrecht
   - Murray Sargent


   - Deyan Ginev
   - Patrick Ion

Announcements/Updates/Progress reports

a) progress on spec

DC: Looked at chapter 3. Made a link to the spec with everything unfolded (
https://w3c.github.io/mathml/?open). He worked with the link checker.

DC: The polyfills had problems working in various browsers.

NS: will work with this. We may have to use images instead of MathML
polyfills for some.

SW: In terms of the overall design, what are we intending to do? We may
need to use images if an item is normative and polyfills are not supported
by all browsers.

NS: If we have a MathML spec, it should work with MathML.

NS: The core spec only uses images.

SW: Do we say that MathML is expected to work in the spec document?

BM: seconded SW's comments.

NS: Should we load the examples into the notes and take them out of the

NS: Who favors pulling the examples out of the full spec and putting them
into the notes? Only bm.

NS: will approve DC's PR and DC will clean it up.

NS: Igalia is going to file their "intent to ship" in Chrome (Edge) code to
support MathML.

NS: TPAC is looking for short (max two-minute) videos on technical subjects.

NS: I will do one on math accessibility showing it off so that people can
better understand what is possible.

PL: may do one on clipboards.

DC: feels that intent may need more development before it can have a video

NS: TPAC needs to know by July 11 if you are going to produce a video. The
video must be ready by August 26.

NS: We will talk about videos in the July 7 meeting.

NS: The videos will be collected and be available online.

b) media types FPWD?

PL: We should nudge BB on this. NS will send a note.

c) accessibility appendix

SN: Should we have only an appendix on accessibility, or should we also
have a notes document?

NS: We must get past the review. We should discuss elements that have an
accessibility problem.

NS: Should we talk about the role of ARIA on accessibility?

NS: We need to have some text to discuss.

SN: He will put all his material in the appendix. The committee will then
edit the appendix deciding on what should go into the notes document.
maction -- resolution?

MUS: is pushing for maction.

There was a discussion on how AT can track the motion of a cursor during
reading and editing.

NS: described a method to track the cursor without using maction.

MUS: has been shipping some of NS's ideas. MUS has not implemented this for

MUS had written a blog on this in December 2020. NS asked MUS to make sure
the blog was added to the pertinent issue.

MUS: It is important to track the cursor; for example, you must know when
you are at the end of a numerator.

NS: There are IDs on every MathML element, and these IDs can be used to
give you your position.

NS Should we deprecate maction? MUS said no because of interactive
scenarios. Maction may not be used currently.

NS MathML is a superset of core. We do not have to list all the exceptions.
Say the maction element is legal, but its behavior is not defined.

NS: maction is there but its actions depends on the environment you are in.

NS: We have agreement to drop the listed actions and just say whatever is
used is implementation dependent and can be ignored if not understood.

Next week, we will go through the list of what else we want to deprecate.
We did some of this earlier, but didn't record the results. One such thing
is malign, etc.

DC: Aligning equations can be done by using tables instead of malign

NS would like to show an intent video for TPAC.

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