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FYI for those thinking about attending TPAC...

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Dear Advisory Committee Representative,
AB, TAG, Chairs,
Group participants (bcc'ed),
Evangelists and W3C Chapters,

The first logistics details about TPAC 2022 are now available at:


Groups have shown great interest, so we are currently finalizing the
general schedule including WG, BG, IG and CG meetings, breakout sessions,
plenary meetings, AC meeting and Developers meetup.

Registration and registration fees

Registration will open end of June 2022.

In order to ensure a good experience both for remote and in-person
participation, we are investing substantially in the audio-visual equipment.
Participation all week long will be encouraged. An Event fees for in-person
and remote attendees will apply.
Details are below:

In-person participation

   - Early Bird rate – until 31 July: *EUR 290 *[Rate limited to the 4
   first persons of a same company]
- Standard rate – until 31 August: *EUR 550*
   - Late/on-site rate – starting 1 September: *EUR 720*
   - Fee Waiver Option: No Fee (see below for more details)

Remote participation

   - Early Bird rate – until 31 July: *EUR 95 *[Rate limited to the 4 first
   persons of a same company]
   - Standard rate – until 31 August: *EUR 185*
   - Late rate – starting 1 September: *EUR 240*
   - Fee Waiver: No Fee (see below for more details)

Participation fee waiver

We understand that not everyone can afford the TPAC registration fee for a
variety of reasons and we do not want any of these to be a barrier to
participation. For this reason, we will offer an unlimited number of fee
waivers. The fee waiver operates on a trust basis, making no checks on
eligibility. If you are planning to participate in-person or remotely and
cannot afford the registration fee, please contact w3t-tpregister@w3.org to
benefit from the fee waiver.

See more details at https://www.w3.org/2022/09/TPAC/registration.html

You will find below information about in-person participation:


W3C has arranged a block of guest rooms for TPAC attendees at the Sheraton
Wall Centre hotel. September is a busy month in Vancouver. Hotels often
sell out by mid summer.

*Guest room rate: CA $259 plus 17.5% taxes to total CA $304*.
Group rate is available from Saturday, 7 September through Friday,
20 September and is subject to availability.

See booking method and more information at:

Health rules

As the health situation is changing rapidly, we are constantly looking at
the guidance of health authorities and government and trying to make
decisions that can accommodate all of our attendees and ensure a safe
gathering. The safety of our attendees is a priority. We will continue to
assess our health and safety rules until the event starts.

All TPAC participants are expected to comply with the health & safety

See: https://www.w3.org/2022/09/TPAC/health.html

For any questions please contact w3t-tpregister@w3.org

Best regards,
Alexandra Lacourba
W3C Global Events Coordinator

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