Wikimedia Community User Group Math Progress

Dear Math(ML) enthusiasts,

mathematical expressions are essential building blocks for the
representation of mathematical knowledge in Wikimedia Projects and
To coordinate the maintenance and development of tools relevant to the
global mathematical community the

Wikimedia Community Group Math [1]

was established in 2019.
Ultimately, the group's mission is to decide on pragmatic steps
towards the goal of making mathematical knowledge easily accessible to
every human being.

In 2021, some implementation details of the caching mechanism of the
Math rendering pipeline had been updated to the latest software
development paradigms employed in Wikimedias codebase. In addition,
Wikimedia joined the W3C MathML working to pave the ground for native
and accessible Math rendering in browsers without workarounds like
images or special text formatting to match mimic math rendering.

For 2022, the goal is to further simplify the rendering process of
mathematical expressions and to continue the work on the MathML 4
standard [2]. Moreover, we aim to facilitate more active participation
in discussing the next steps in Math-related developments for
Wikimedia projects. Therefore, we strive to further maximize our
geographical and gender diversity.

In contrast to 2021, where most improvements remain under the hood of
the Math extension codebase [3], in 2022, there are even a few
achievements this year.

- We have a new Wikimedia hosted mailing list
(if you were subscribed to the old mailing list, you should have been
transferred to the new mailing list)
- Math is now bundled within the default distribution of MediaWiki [4]
- The rendering of \omicron was fixed

If you receive this email but you did not sign up for any of the
mailing lists in the recipient list, you might be in the BCC field and
want to subscribe to our new mailing list [5];-)

All the best
André and Moritz

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Received on Thursday, 27 January 2022 19:08:36 UTC