Re: Applications that use MathML

> I've added wxMaxima.
Thanks a lot!
> Are you sure Maxima itself, without wxMaxima, can output MathML? I don't
> see any mention of MathML in the documentation.
The documentation about this has been added quite recently so you might
be using a version that doesn't tell so. But Support for MathML has been
there for a long time and I've originally only added it to wxMaxima in
order to find out what it is good for:

(%i2)    load("alt-display.mac")$
(%i3)    sin(a/b);
<math xmlns=""> <mi>mlabel</mi>
     <mfenced separators=""><msub><mi>%o</mi> <mn>3</mn></msub>
     <mo>,</mo><mi>sin</mi> <mfenced separators=""><mfrac><mrow>
     <mi>a</mi> </mrow> <mrow><mi>b</mi> </mrow></mfrac> </mfenced>
 </mfenced> </math>

I was quite surprised that this allows seamless integration into MS Word
- and I have also filed a but against libreOffice as this program's
equation editor has a MathML import, but doesn't automatically activate
it on encountering MathML.

Thanks again,
Kind regards,


Received on Thursday, 26 January 2017 18:50:16 UTC