Re: [MathML4] Whitespace and attributes canonicalization in MathML VS HTML5/CSS

My intention was to defend the Gecko behavior and to say that 'E' notation should not be used with human-scale lengths

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> On Aug 2, 2016, at 9:30 AM, Frédéric Wang <> wrote:
>> Le 01/08/2016 à 23:33, William F Hammond a écrit :
>> 1E1 is ridiculous.  For one thing, to my eye, it's 10.0
>> (floating point) -- implied by the E notation -- rather than
>> simply 10
>>                                    -- Bill
> Not sure I understand your point either. As David said, lengths use
> floating point numbers. Gecko's MathML code implement its own parsing to
> verify that the number matches the MathML syntax before converting to
> float while WebKit's parsing code is simpler and just calls an internal
> toFloat method immediately (letting it decide what's the valid syntax).
> If MathML aligns on HTML5 and the typical syntax for floats then Gecko's
> code could be simplified a bit. Maybe that will also help converters
> that generate lengths from via some calculations, I don't know.

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