[MathML4] Removing some deprecated attributes


The following attributes are deprecated in MathML3. Some of them are
still implemented in Gecko and WebKit. If they are no longer used, it
would be good to do some clean up by removing the support. Also they
should probably be removed from a specification focusing on core features.

About deprecated features, the recommendation says that "However, all
(MathML-input-conformant) tools are encouraged to support the old forms
as much as possible.". This is bad because supported features encourages
authors to use them.

1) general attribute: other.

2) math attributes: macros, mode. mode is supported in Gecko.

3) mglyph attributes: fontfamily, index.

4) token elements attributes: fontfamily, fontweight, fontstyle,
fontsize, color, background. These are supported in Gecko and WebKit
(although the latter does not make them of lower priority than thei
non-deprecated replacements).

5) deprecated namedspace attributes: veryverythinmathspace,
verythinmathspace, thinmathspace, mediummathspace, thickmathspace,
verythickmathspace, veryverythickmathspace. This used to be implemented
in Gecko but is now removed.


Received on Wednesday, 3 August 2016 08:34:53 UTC