Re: Displaystyle and mtable

Hi David and Peter,

On 19/09/2014, at 7:33, David Carlisle <> wrote:

> On 18/09/2014 22:09, Peter Krautzberger wrote:
>> Thanks, David, for confirming the reading of the spec.

>> <mfrac>
>> <mtable displaystyle="true">
>> ...
>> </mtable>
>> <mrow>
>> ...
>> </mrow>
>> </mfrac>
>> would get us a table with displaystyle formatting, but in scriptstyle
>> size (when used in an inline formula). (I admit I find that somewhat
>> strange; oh well.)
> again, if tex did this you probably wouldn't find it strange:-)

I can well imagine this being used in Statistics, or Statistical Mechanics, and related fields,
where the fraction is the ratio of integrals or summations or products
 especially for presentation slides, where the ratio of text width to line height is typically much less than in printed publications.

Of course you need to manipulate the TeX by declaring \displaystyle within the numerator and denominator, as David suggests. But not all that strange, afterall.

>> Thanks again for your quick response!
>> Peter.
> From the speed you may note that it was a personal response, but I think I only cited what the spec is saying:-)
> David



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