RE: mtable borders etc

Let me explain what we, as a company, were requested regarding mtable frame
and borders (rowlines and columnlines).

frame: be able to set top, left, bottom and right borders independently.
This does not seem difficult to add to the specification. I would recommend
it because you currently can specify the inner borders independently via
rowlines and columnlines.

borders: requested a “dotted” style. I personally think that this is not so

Dani, from WIRIS

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Did you have a proposal? One easy thing to do in the next version of MathML
(who knows when that would be) would be to extend the legal values to
'doubleline" or "solidsolid" or some such.

In general, this is a losing game because someone may next want dashed
double lines or dashed lines with arrows on each dash or...  Without the
programability of TeX, a finite list of the higher use cases is all that
can be done for MathML (and HTML-based languages in general).

My bigger concern is that adding features raises the bar for implementers
that are already having trouble implementing features. Having characters
that stretch for spanning rows/cols in an mtable seems much more important
and that is unfortunately not widely implemented.


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The mtable element is limited in terms of columnlines, rowlines, and frame.
In particular, this has come up on the MathJax user group
few years ago and has resurfaced in a bug report for MediaWiki/Wikipedia
<> a few days ago.

Perhaps there's something constructive to be done about it?

Best wishes,


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