Re: [XML-Entities] Question regarding some Unicode sequences

>> I noticed that the Unicode sequences of more than one
>> codepoints are assigned to some entities which already
>> had single Unicode codepoints representation at the time
>> of addition to MathML; e.g. "race" entity from isoamsb
>> set is mentioned as U+223D U+0331 (REVERSED TILDE,
>> COMBINING MACRON BELOW) while it can also be presented as
>> U+22CD. Is there any specific reason for this preference?

> While I think it _could_ have been defined the way you
> suggest I don't think it should change now, it's been that
> way in mathml (and now html) for a long time, and 22CD, if
> you need it, already has two names bsime (from isaomsr)
> and backsimeq so adding a third name for that symbol
> wouldn't really help much and just lead to incompatible
> definitions being used.

U+0331 is a combining character.  It's use with U+223D leads
to an image in my present Firefox with my default fonts that
is too small, too far below the reversed tilde, and not
centered below the reversed tilde.  U+22CD is much better.

(I don't see the reference to "race" as an entity name although
I do see something in isoamsb.ent [MathML2 materials] pointing
to U+E40C in Unicode private space.)

                                    -- Bill

Received on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 19:56:14 UTC