RE: maxwidth and mtext

Thanks to all!

You are implicitly pointing that an mtext can flow in different lines
provided that indentation attributes (and other attributes like maxwidth)
are respected.


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As David said, indentation is controlled by the indentaiton attributes, in


will say to align on the left.

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On 12/06/2014 15:24, Daniel Marques wrote:

Hello all,

Just some doubts about mtext and maxwidth when the mtext is broader than
“maxwidth”. For example, given the following mathml,

<math maxwidth=’50px’>
                <mtext>This is a long comment</mtext>

My question is whether the result is something like:

1000 This is a long


1000 This is a long

Breaking within mtext is covered by which says

even within a token element such as a very long mn element. MathML does not
provide a means to specify such linebreaks, but if a render chooses to
linebreak at such a point, it should indent the following line according to
the indentation attributes
that are in effect at that point.

since indentalign defaults to auto there is some flexibility in what you
should do but flush left seems reasonable to me

you can force (b) without using css by setting up a new line breaking
context via mtable

<mn>100</mn><mtable><mtr><mtd><mtext>This is a long comment


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