Re: [XML-Entities] Question regarding some Unicode sequences

Hello David,

Thanks for your response. I understand the situation. Do you think it
makes sense to add a note to the following paragraph of the working
draft regarding this issue? (from

> "The entities race and acE denote underlined characters for which Unicode does not have codepoints, thus combining underline characters have been used, in a way analogous to the use of combining strokes for negated operators."

Also, a general question comes to mind; what is the policy of MathML
regarding character entities which are currently not encoded in UCD,
but might be in the future? In many cases the mere fact that a
character is part of MathML repertoire provides a good rationale to
include it in Unicode. Obviously, being backward compatible is
essential, but on the other hand, it should be possible to have such
data added to "unicode.xml" for the reference of contemporary and
future implementations.

Thanks again.

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On 18 May 2014 22:06:00, David Carlisle wrote:

> Thanks for your comments,
> I suspect that one just got missed, sorry. We worked hard to get rid of
> most of the
>   multiple character entities and the remaining ones (including race)
> are listed here
> Given that the original ISO definitions had no font mappings and just
> low resolution images,
> giving unicode definitions to the set was always something of a black
> art, with room for human error....
> While I think it _could_ have been defined the way you suggest I don't
> think it should change now, it's
> been that way in mathml (and now html) for a long time, and 22CD, if you
> need it, already
> has two names bsime (from isaomsr) and backsimeq so adding a third name
> for that symbol
> wouldn't really help much and just lead to incompatible definitions
> being used.
> David
> On 17/05/2014 02:45, Shervin Afshar wrote:
> > Hello,
>  >
>  > I noticed that the Unicode sequences of more than one codepoints are
>  > assigned to some entities which already had single Unicode codepoints
>  > representation at the time of addition to MathML; e.g. "race" entity
>  > from isoamsb set is mentioned as U+223D U+0331 (REVERSED TILDE,
>  > COMBINING MACRON BELOW) while it can also be presented as U+22CD. Is
>  > there any specific reason for this preference?
>  >
>  > Thanks.
>  >
>  > Shervin ↪ <>
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