Re: Ideas for future improvements

Le 03/12/2014 08:07, William F Hammond a écrit :
>  But (1) the markup is actually richer with it,
What do you mean by richer? It duplicates an existing feature and so
does not bring anything more from my point of view. Do you also want to
introduce <combination>...</combination> as a shorthand for <mfrac
> (2) it is convenient in the way that you observe [consistent with the
> what-wg sense of convenience], and
I said it was convenient for bad implementation of MathML ; I don't
think this should be a motivation to keep it.
> (3) it's an additional hook for CSS, that is helpful.
<mfenced> uses attributes, which make it bad for CSS styling of
individual separators / fences compared to the expanded form (or even
bad to apply MathML attributes to these elements). So I'm not sure what
you mean here.
> Also deprecation usually precedes removal, and removal would break old
> documents. -- Bill 
That's the point, although I'm sure the MathML WG will be willing to
keep it for this kind of reason. The removal is for the long term
(several years). In my opinion it should have been deprecated long ago.

Anyway, I expect that <mfenced> can be implemented using shadow tree and
Web components so that it could be dropped from native MathML
implementations, without breaking existing old documents.

Frédéric Wang

Received on Wednesday, 3 December 2014 08:12:59 UTC