Re: MathML & CSS ; mstyle

Sometime last millenium the CSS WG had some thoughts on having a Math
module for CSS (for typesetting math not for doing calculations) and
together with Angel Diaz (who was a member of both groups at the time)
he and I put together a very rough draft of extra css properties that
could be added to css to enable presentation mathml2 to be specified.
Basically we tried to copy the model of the css table module which
provided css properties that encapsulate most of the html table layout.

It never got published and discussion was w3c-member only but for those
with access the initial posting of the document to the CSS WG is here

with a thread discussing aspects of CSS math rendering some years later

The document itself never progressed past a really rough sketch, but
there isn't anything in it that can't be public so I'm attaching a copy
to this message. It is identical to the document at the link above 
except that I removed some links which don't work (to potential URL in where the document might have gone:-) and some email addresses
which I'm not sure are public.


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