MathML 3 - section 4.6 "The Strict Content MathML Transformation"

Hi all,

Section 4.6 includes the following text under point 4b:

"Rewrite interval, vectors, matrices, and matrix rows as described in 
Section Interval |<interval>| 
Section Vector |<vector>| 
Section Matrix |<matrix>| 
<> and 
Section Matrix row |<matrixrow>| 

However, sections,, and do not describe any 
rules on how to rewrite vector, matrix, and matrixrow elements.

Given that vectors (and matrices, and matrixrows) can have domain 
qualifiers, I presume that there is supposed to be a transformation like 
the one for sets, although it is not clear what OpenMath the following 
is supposed to map into:

The OpenMath linalg7 CD has a list_to_vector symbol, but it is a binary 
function that requires the ring of the vector to be specified explicitly.

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