Firefox 13 is now available

Dear all,

I'm glad to announce that Firefox 13 is now available as a free download 
for Windows, Mac, and Linux <>. Below 
are the release notes regarding the MathML support:

  * Support for the |width| attribute on |<mtable>
    <>| elements
    has been added.
  * MathJax fonts
    <> are
    now used as the default fonts for mathematical text. See Fonts for
    Mozilla's MathML engine
    <> for
    more information.
  * Remove space between successive <mi> (workaround for MathJax's issue

Here are future improvements that are worth mentioning:

  * Firefox 14: The syntax of the |statusline| action type on |<maction>
    <>| elements
    has been adjusted to follow the MathML specification.
  * Firefox 15: Mathematical operators can now use downloadable fonts
    specified with |@font-face
    <>| . This makes the
    MathML-fonts add-on
    <> work
    with stretchy operators too.
  * Firefox 15: The |selection| attribute of the |<maction>
    <>| is now
    only taken into account with the |toggle| actiontype.
  * Firefox 15: Deprecated namedspace binding
    <> has been
  * Firefox 15: Supported syntax for Length
    <> and
    <>| values
    have been made closer to the one specified in MathML3 spec.
  * Firefox 15: New MathML mirrorable operators for Arabic math
  * Firefox 15: Fix a bug when using Javascript to change the maction
    actiontype attribute

For a complete list of changes, you can find the bug list on the Mozilla 
MathML project wiki 
<>. The 
official coding period of Google Summer of Code 2012 started two weeks 
ago and Andrii has already made several improvements to the <maction> 
element and started to work on MathML+Javascript. People interested 
might want to follow his project description and weekly status report 

Frédéric Wang

Received on Tuesday, 5 June 2012 16:58:45 UTC