Re: mstyle@accent applies to mo and munderover/mover descendants

On 01/08/2012 12:41, Frédéric WANG wrote:

>> Speaking personally I think the answer has to be yes.
>> Looking at 3.3.4
>> I think accent applies to munderover (and mover) because of the
>> second bullet point
>> and it applies to mo because of the third.
>> David
> Thanks, that's also how I read the spec. However, one paragraph below
>  describes exceptions when two distinct elements share the same
> attribute name. In that case, mstyle has effect on only one of them.
> I'm wondering if that should also be the case for munderover and mo,
> but it seems that we probably want mstyle to have an effect on both
> elements (actually, munderover@accent should really have been called
> munderover@accentover).


The Working group spoke about this at its last teleconference, and I
think that basically we are all in agreement that it would probably have
been better if the attribute had had a different name, but it's not so
bad as it is, so we think no change is required by the spec and so as it
stands setting accent on mstyle affects both munderover and mo.
This is also what mathplayer implements.

In the usual case, where the over expression to get the accent spacing
is an mo, setting it on both is the same as setting it on either one of
them, so it only affects the edge case of an over expression requiring
accent spacing when the "accent" is not specified using mo, and the
accent attribute is being set globally via mstyle rather than directly
on the mover.


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