Re: MathML in safari

I didn't look deeply at the code recently, but to my knowledge, they corrected a few missing test cases in the code leading to crashes.
So they slightly improved the stability.

The GTK branch should have turned on MathML if I'm correct (at least in the trunk, I don't now for the stable releases).
So, it could be available in some GTK-based browsers.


Le 21 juil. 2011 à 19:09, William F Hammond a écrit :

> François Sausset <> writes:
>> I worked on the MathML implementation in WebKit last year (with Alex
>> Milowski).  Unfortunately, I don't have free time now to continue
>> and the implementation is far from mature.
>> Technically, it could be activated in Chrome, but to my
>> understanding Google folks didn't want to activate it for security
>> and stability reason, as the implantation is quite young and
>> unpolished.  . . .
>> But finally, it is activated in Safari! :-)
> Unfortunately, I don't have a platform on which Safari runs.
> Did the Safari folk polish the webkit implementation?
>                                    -- Bill

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