Re: MathML for CSS profile

On 08/07/2011 19:50, Juan R. González-Álvarez wrote:
> If you mean<mrow><mfenced>...</mfenced></mrow>, it continues failing
> for me (FF 3.6.18 under Linux), although rendering improves a bit.

to try the css in firefox you need to use an example that uses a 
different namespace and adjust the css file accordingly.

the CSS is designed to position elements with no default rendering into 
positions suitable for math layout. It is designed for browsers with no 
mathml support. If you use firefox, with correctly namespaced mathml 
elements, then the elements are _already laid out in math layout so the 
css has no possibility of doing the right thing.

Firefox 3 is pretty old (firefox on my machine automatically updated 
itself to 8 today) if you use firefox 4 or later mathml also workd in 
html as well as xhtml, so there would be no advantage to using such a 
technique in firefox.


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