Re: MathML and web fonts


Le 22 sept. 2010 à 12:38, J.Fine a écrit :
> 1.  When using MathML can I request specific fonts?  I'm thinking web fonts, either the TeX fonts or something similar.

CSS or the style attribute would allow you this.
As usual it depends on the available fonts.
The latest Mozilla will prefer the Stix fonts to the TeX fonts as far as I remember.

> 2.  What happens to the typeset output when I do this?  Does the placement come out as right as it did before?

Definitely sounds like a non-question... maybe the question is: does MathML3 change this?
The answer is no.

> In short, if TeX or TeX-like fonts are available can they be used in MathML?
> I'm giving a brief presentation tomorrow morning and would like to know before then.

Experience is the thing that counts here, or?


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