Re: online editor of Presentation and Content MathML

Le 23-mars-10 à 18:07, Neil Soiffer a écrit :
> At the risk of putting words in Paul's mouth, I think what he is  
> asking is for you to report the results for of the current test  
> suite.  In order for MathML3 to pass to "proposed recommendation",  
> we need to show the results of several implementations.  Since  
> Formulator supports so much of MathML, it would be an excellent  
> candidate to include in the testsuite results.
> If you can't directly run the testsuite runner listed on

With some chance you could start right away.
If you need a different embedding mechanism than just the <math>  
element, as I am for the test of the wiris openmath input editor and  
Sam Dooley for MathEx, we may do a little trick so that you can still  
do the evaluation using the test-server. It's just a matter of  
modifying an XSLT.

> I'm sure Paul can help you so that you can get a version that can be  
> run with Formulator so that the results get reported and can be  
> included in the results page.

At the end of the process, you get an XML file (with some rendering)  
which is depicting the results. That's what we'd need as a result to  
show in the "tabulated list of results".

> I didn't understand quite well the second question, sorry. If you  
> mean human
> languages, surely we support Unicode and typing in different  
> languages. If you
> mean languages other tham MathML, not yet, but we would like to.

I was asking if the formulator is already customized to display  
different notations in different languages? e.g. pgcd in french, gcd  
in English, ggT in German, etc.. We are trying to make a list of those  
on .
Such languages as those of Ukraine or Russia are not yet covered but  
certainly present variations which would be important for a usage,  
say, at school.


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