Re: Parallel markup: Why do the links point from content to presentation?

> So you argue in favour of a revision of the <semantics> spec?

not a change in specification, just perhaps another example that has
content mathml as first child, but examples don't have to be in the
specification document, which should really have the minimum examples
needed to describe an element. Once you get too many examples it becomes
more tutorial than specification.

> This example is convincing, but having each of the <mo>+</mo> link to the
> <plus/> is not possible in MathML 2 or 3, is it?

yes, why not, stick an id="zzz" on the plus and you can have any number
of <mo xref="zzz">+</mo>  pointing at that element.

> So by "first branch" you mean the branch that comes before the <annotation>
> and <annotation-xml> children?



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