Re: MathML expression, conformance, DTD

> I'm struggling to understand the role of DTDs in the new
> MathML spec.

sorry to make you struggle.

Appendix A is currently unchanged from MathMl2 apart from the addition
of a couple of editorial notes which I hoped would indicate that the
current state is unstable  In particular the second note floats the idea
of making a relax schema normative (and by implication making the dtd
not normative).

The WG is still discussing the detailed specification of some of the new
elements so we haven't generated a full dtd/schema yet. practically
speaking I think the best course of action to get consistent DTD and
schema is to author the schema in relax ng and derive dtd and xsd from
that. there is then a question as to which of any of these should be
normative, and to word the conformance section appropriately. (The fact
that the schema is authored in relax doesn't necessarily mean the relax
version should be normative, Although for a document type like MathML
Relax NG is considerably more expressive than either DTD or XSD)

This will no doubt be up for discussion at the upcoming face to face at
the W3C plenary meeting.


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