Re: Contributing to MathML 3 ?

On 5/16/07, Max Berger <> wrote:
> Dear Chris,
> Am 16.05.2007 um 06:02 schrieb Chris Chiasson:
> > Hey, there have been some questions about JEuclid on the docbook-apps
> > list. I keep recommending that people use SVGMath instead (it does an
> > especially good job with baseline shifts in fo output), but I think
> > (based on others statements on the fop mailing list) that JEuclid has
> > a better chance of being able to accommodate more advanced features,
> > such as line-wrapping of MathML.
> Of course I would have to disagree with your recommendation, but this
> is my personal bias :). Can you please provide an example / reference
> to a problem with the baseline shift? A general problem with inline
> equations in xsl-fo renderers is the position of the baseline, are
> you referring to this? Or is it something in formulas as images?

SVGMath has a special mode where it takes as input an fo file that
contains embedded MathML (inside fo:instream-foreign-object elements)
and returns an output file that contains fo:instream-foreign-object
elements that contain SVG renderings along with an appropriate
baseline shift attributes (on the foreign object element).


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