Re: Evaluating Content MathML

You might want to look at GUI Kit for Mathematica.

Mathematica already contains necessary facilities for converting
expressions such as (x + 5*y) * 4^2 into content MathML so that you
could concentrate on writing your ontology. OOTH, within Mathematica,
you could skip the content MathML step entirely and just create the

I believe GUIKit is Java based. Also, there is something called a
"Super Widget Package" written by a Mathematica community member that
makes writing GUI Kit programs easier. However, I have never attempted
to make a GUI Kit program.

On 3/2/07, Roman Sachse <> wrote:
> Hello again,
> First of all, thanks for all the answers. I will have a look at the
> software proposed by you, especially CellML looks promising.
> Andrew Miller wrote:
> > I'm not sure what sort of evaluation you expect, but both PCEnv and COR
> > can integrate systems of ordinary differential equations[snip]
>  >
> Paul Libbrecht wrote:
>  > You haven't been very clear about your intent of processing
>  > MathML-content... why is a general XML library not appropriate for you ?
>  > E.g. DOM, StAX, JDOM ?
>  > At least to instantiate variables this is what I'd use.
>  >
> Just to make it clear, here is what I am doing at the moment.
> I am working on my Bachelors Thesis on storing characteristics
> (mathematical formulas), containing several parameters as variables, in
> an ontology. To instantiate the variable the parameters (real-values)
> are extracted from different concepts in the ontology.
> I decided to encode the characteristics via MathML and to store them as
> XMLLiterals which are to be found as datatype properties in the ontology.
> The project I am working with uses a Java written GUI that enables the
> user to instantiate the ontology without writing any OWL but with using
> drag´n drop and wysiwyg mechanisms.
> One of my tasks is to implement a feature which enables the user to type
> in formulas (e.g (x + 5*y) * 4^2) without using MathML. These formulas
> should be encoded in MathML and they should be stored in the ontology.
> On the other hand the program has to be able to instantiate the
> variables of the given formulas and eventually calculate and return the
> result.
> My task is not to write a MathML parser but to implement an exisiting
> one. Therefore my plan was not to use JDOM or another XML Library but
> maybe I was a bit to optimistic about the amount of my workload :-)
> Thanks for your help,
> Roman


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