Call for MathPlayer beta testers -- correction


I apologize for the need to post this message again, but we had a glitch
with our beta e-mail account the first time around. If you had intended
to respond but didn't get a chance to write yet, there's still time.
Likewise, if you responded and got an "undeliverable" message, please
try again. If you wrote me privately to let me know about the e-mail
problem, I have already passed your information along to our Beta Team.

Here is the original message, with the corrected e-mail address:

We are close to releasing a MathPlayer 2.1 beta, and are looking for
beta testers. MathPlayer 2.1 will feature IE7 compatibility,
accessibility (math to speech) enhancements, and lots of small bug fixes
and enhancements. A more complete list of fixes will be provided to beta
testers later.

If you create web pages using MathML, and are interested in being a beta
tester, please e-mail us at

Bob Mathews                    email: 
Director of Training           phone: 830-990-9699 
Design Science, Inc. -- "How Science Communicates"
MathType, WebEQ, MathPlayer, MathFlow, Equation Editor, TeXaide

Received on Wednesday, 11 October 2006 11:27:13 UTC