RE: The problems with namespaces in text/html

> Beyond that I
> would like to see the HTML elements <a>, <em>, and <b> (or <strong>)
> incorporated in the XHTML+MathML document type definition as elements
> that are allowed in <mtext>.

Technically you can't do such a things in DTD, if you allow em, b, a in mtext then you effectively allow all inline elements (including MathML math) to be descendands of mtext element (however such a compound of HTML and MathML, probably, can be properly defined in RelaxNG). It is not a problem in HTML5 as it has no DTD/Schema at all.

> > Is <b> really needed, when one has <mstyle  mathvariant="bold"> (which
> > works everywhere in MathML)?
> Yes, <b> (or something) is needed.

It is there even if it is not needed.

> <mstyle> is not allowed in <mtext> even though Mozilla seems to
> tolerate it there.

You can use something like
	<mtext>normal text </mtext><mtext mathvariant="bold">bold, </mtext><mtext mathvariant="italic">italic, </mtext><mtext mathvariant="monospace">teletype</mtext>

But the real issue here is that if (on practice "if" can be omitted) one will try to stir tagsoup like
	<mtext>normal text <b>bold,</b> <i>italic</i>, <tt>teletype</tt></mtext>
or stir it further and replace
	<math xmlns="">
	<i>a</i><var>x</var><sup>2</sup> + <i>b</i><var>x</var> + <i>c</i> = 0
then it does not make sense to call everything this MathML. 

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Received on Tuesday, 10 October 2006 12:49:41 UTC