RE: MathML-in-HTML5

On Wed, 4 Oct 2006, Paul Topping wrote:
> How can HTML5 be the next version of "everyday tag soup HTML" without 
> actually accepting tag soup documents?

It does "accept tag soup documents". It fully defines the parsing model 
for HTML, whether correct or incorrect, in a way compatible with how 
browsers handle incorrect ("tag soup") documents today. By thus defining 
how to handle "tag soup", it makes the entire concept redundant. ("Tag 
soup" is so called because it implies that browsers don't know how to 
handle it and so all do their own thing (which is indeed the case today, 
but will no longer be the case if HTML5 is implemented per spec).

> Once HTML5 support is built into Mozilla, can I modify my tag soup HTML 
> page (ie, one with soupy tags that requires de facto HTML browser 
> behavior) by simply adding new stuff to make use of HTML5-only features?

Yes. Such documents would be as non-conformant as they are today, but they 
would work, just like today (with the new features).

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