Re: MathML-in-HTML5

Ian Hickson said:

> IMHO backwards compatibility is not just "desirable", it is absolutely and
> fundamentally critical. Specification authors should always make their
> specs backward and forward looking.

Then why all this stuff? Since you are proposing (ups i forgot that you
are not proposing anything even if look that) is not backward compatible
with current status of MathML authoring and processing.

Of course, Mozilla can reuse its current html+css implementation of mathml
for adding mathematical capabilities to html5.

You can, of course, reject IE way and eliminate everything they consider
harmfull from mathml2: prefixes, mi-mo-mn, near 1997 entitities and three
short alliases.

You can invent new syntax and begin to use <none> <mrow> instead mathml
<none/> and <mrow/>.

You can add new parsing rules, autoclosing, a special WS model for
tokenization and modified DOM and CSS systems.

You can do all of that but do not call it ***mathml*** and

Heard community is saying you, do not follow that way!

Juan R.


Received on Wednesday, 4 October 2006 08:57:05 UTC