RE: MathML-in-HTML5

On Tue, 3 Oct 2006, Paul Topping wrote:
> While backward compatibility across versions of MathML is obviously 
> desirable, I believe that the creators of future versions of MathML will 
> feel free to change the definition of something, deprecate it, or remove 
> it in the new version. Backward compatibility can and should be provided 
> in the MathML renderer but it can only do so if it can identify the 
> version of the MathML content it is processing.

IMHO backwards compatibility is not just "desirable", it is absolutely and 
fundamentally critical. Specification authors should always make their 
specs backward and forward looking. Yes, this constrains what the spec 
authors can do. That's life.

BTW, UAs can't tell what version of content they are handling, even if the 
language provides a way to tell that, because authors regularly lie (just 
have a look at HTML DOCTYPEs around the Web, or SVG versions).

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