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Re: need help with Math Player compatibility (via specifying the DTD on an XHTML page)

From: William F Hammond <hammond@csc.albany.edu>
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2006 16:20:16 -0500
To: www-math@w3.org
Message-ID: <i7fyccts33.fsf@hilbert.math.albany.edu>

Bruce Miller <bruce.miller@nist.gov> writes:

> Chris Chiasson wrote:
>> Robert Miner,
>> Thank you for the diagnosis.
>> The reason why I bother sending qs=.99 at all is so that regular IE
>> does not get sent /index.xhtml over /index.html if content negotiation
>> is taking place for a URL like /index (because IE has an accept header
>> that says it accepts any MIME type with the same level of
>> preference/quality it has for regular HTML).
> FWIW, even though content negotiation is supposed to be
> the solution, I've given up on it where MathML is
> concerned;  it really doesn't have the needed resolution.
> On the one hand, IE _will_ handle XHTML if MathPlayer is
> installed, but not otherwise.  On the other hand,
> Opera handles XHTML perfectly fine, but not MathML.
> I'm sure I'll live to regret it, but I've gone with
> browser sniffing for the case where the "+xml" means +MathML.

I find it sensible to assume that any consuming reader who is looking
for mathematical content is sharp enough to make (and may even _want_
to make) his/her own decision about what form of content to pull.  So
when different forms are available, I offer an explicit choice to my

                                    -- Bill
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