Re: Mathematical selection

> let's try to be realistic and consider the classical dual operator 
> generally written as "*".
> This one is out of the operator dictionary hence needs a special 
> notation-configuration right ?
> Or has there been an entity defined for this ?
> paul
> PS: that was K-12 for me and I suppose some others.

Your K-12 education was clearly better than mine...

I assume that by the dual operator "*", you mean "*" in a superscript position such as in x^*.  In such a position, it has no arguments and precedence is meaningless so I don't understand what you are asking/commenting on.  Maybe this exposes just how weak my K-12 education was :-)

FYI:  (as you know) "*" is not usually used for multiplication in typeset math -- · or × or ⁢ are typically used.  "*" was included for compatibility with ASCII-based math notations just as ">=" was included.  The operator dictionary does not recommend one form over another and tried to be inclusive as an aid to developers in case those notations were used by authors.

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Received on Thursday, 30 March 2006 19:51:00 UTC