Re: Inline equations

Dario.tambone wrote:
> Hi,
> I've noticed that when I paste a mathml expression converted by MathType 
> in a web page, sometimes there is the words "display='block'" in the 
> <math> tag at the beginning of the expression; this causes the equation 
> been centered in the page (like a <p align="center">). I don't want this 
> behaviour, so generally I delete that words (when I want the equation as 
> an "inline equation").

Right. Alternatively change 'block' to 'inline'.

 In this case, the equation is displayed 
> (rendered) "smaller" than a normal expression.

You don't say what browser you are using, but the normal expectation
is that the most symbols will be the same size (other than integrals, summations),
but the formula will be displayed more compactly (eg placing summation limits
as sub/superscripts rather than over/underscripts).  This is so that it
fits better vertically in the inline context.

If your browser is actually making all the symbols smaller in inline mode,
that seems to me to be overdoing it.

> Now, in some cases I've found the tag <mstyle displaystyle='true'>, this 
> makes the equation rendered at its normal size (or I think so...). 

Right; this leaves it as an inline element, but formats the math contained
in the mstyle with the style & spacing that would be used in a displayed

> trying to insert this style tag in the css associated with the page, but 
> I don't know how to do...
> I'm trying this:
> math {mstyle-displaystyle: true;}
> or something similar, but it doesn't seem to work. How have I to declare 
> it in the css?

The notion of "displaystyle" is fairly specific to mathematics, and
the current CSS standard defines no math-specific properties
(although there is some possibility of that in the future).

For the time being, you'll need to make your intentions explicit
by wrapping the appropriate portions of your markup with mstyle.

> Many thanks.
> Dario
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Received on Monday, 13 March 2006 15:55:23 UTC