Re: The current state of MathML

Opera has no MathML support, though some people have tried emulating it
somewhat with just CSS stylesheets. Safari is in a similar stage, though
there is at least a project page up for MathML support:
(Nightly webkit builds do have inline SVG support, so MathML may not be
a huge step from there)

I'm just guessing, but I believe Konqueror is exactly where Safari is.

As for Internet Explorer, the MathPlayer plugin is still required. IE7
didn't improve much of anything when it comes to XML languages.

Lastly, Gecko-based browsers have Presentation MathML support*. Due to
some font handling issues on OSX, there might be slightly sketchy
rendering on that platform (though it looks very good on my system, but
I don't have the standard fonts either). Other than that, cross-platform
goodness.   *- The gotcha is that MathML support is a build-option, just
like SVG. Camino is built with MathML support turned off (presumably for
the font issues), while Firefox is built with it on (as is SeaMonkey,
afaik). Thus, you can have multiple incarnations of the same Gecko 1.8
rendering engine which may or may not support MathML.

Overall, it's kind of a mess. I've been doing lots of work with compound
XML documents, combining SVG, MathML, and XHTML all into the same page,
and you wouldn't believe some of the hacks I've done to make it all
Firefox/IE/Opera/Safari friendly. I'm afraid it will be in the distant
future when mathematics on the web is truly possible across browsers and

-Jason Davis

Dario.tambone wrote:
> Hi, here I am again!
> I wish to know what is the current state of MathML support from web
> browsers, such as Opera 9, Netscape, IE7 (???), and the support on platforms
> different from win (linux, Mac... plugins?). From a rapid search on Google,
> I've found such matherial, but all seems to be blocked at the 2002/03, even
> on the Dessci website.
> Thank you. Dario
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