RE: Whitespace handling following inline math

>yes they know about that one, see
>item 5
>Internet Explorer Bugs & Limitations
>IE sometimes removes space following the </math> tag. It seems to do so
>when there is no start tag on the same line. Here is a test page that
>demonstrates the problem. 
>what I do is just make sure that the space after math is a #160 rather
>than a #32 (by inserting a suitable rule in the stylesheet that's
>generating the pages) not ideal but it works.
>I do this while generating the pages, if you are using pmathml.xsl you
>could add a template to that stylesheet to change a space following a
>math at rendering time.

Yes, I thought that might be the case.

In a re-posting of my original message [some www-math subscription problems and an overly long delay in distribution led me to believe that my message was not received], I also noticed the behavior of #160. I'm somewhat concerned about the nonbreaking nature of #160, which might lead to some occasional unsightly situations where the inline math and the following word are rather long. But this is better than losing the space after inline math in all cases.

AS you say, "not ideal but it works."

Thanks for the link to the bug page.


Received on Wednesday, 30 August 2006 17:25:36 UTC