STIX Fonts Project Nears Completion

It looks like the STIX Fonts project is approaching completion. The
font set is to include mathematical symbols and alphabets covering all
the symbols in MathML. The target for the release of the fonts is
September 2005, but there is also a beta test planned for July 2005
and although the release comes after years of waiting, it could be of
very good influence to MathML.

For those not familiar with the STIX project their mission is "the
preparation of a comprehensive set of fonts that serve the scientific
and engineering community in the process from manuscript creation
through final publication, both in electronic and print formats.
Toward this purpose, the STIX fonts will be made available, under
royalty-free license, to anyone, including publishers, software
developers, scientists, students, and the general public".

More info at:

Catalin Hritcu, sMArTH Team

Received on Saturday, 21 May 2005 12:01:38 UTC