Re: inclusion of input elements in MathML

This is often important when building interactive test banks.
There needs to be a placeholder for an answer, and the answer 
needs to be more than just a number.

Thus, a "blank" in the original display gets replaced by (potentially)
a non-trivial fragment of mathematics that the student has constructed.

Stan Devitt

On Mon, May 09, 2005 at 10:59:40PM +0100, Manolis Mavrikis wrote:
>    The recent discussions  reminded me an issue that (I think) we have 
> discussed here before but I thought it would be good to mention now that 
> version 3 is being considered.
>       I can't find now the relevant discussion but the issue was that 
> it would be handy if (presentation) MathML could represent somehow input 
> elements in order to have MathML fragments with missing parts that the 
> user could fill (for example, inclusion of (x)form elements -at least 
> some like input and select- would be ok).
>    I know for sure that there are several people and project that would 
> second this. For now we silently include input elements and we manage to 
> get away thanks to Mozilla's tolerance that allows it and render  it 
> fine. In other cases, when converting to paper or for IE we have to 
> convert the MathML to XHTML first to stop plugins (e.g MathPlayer) from 
> trying to parse this invalid MathML.
>    Thanks,
> Manolis

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