RE: MathML Incompatibility

Hello Jyrki,
Currently SciWriter supports named entities, like "⁢"
and numeric character entities if these are encoded in the hexadecimal 
notation, like "⁡"

Obviously, looking at your few cases...

Name               Hexadecimal  Decimal
af                      ⁡    ⁡ 
InvisibleTimes    ⁢     ⁢
DifferentialD       ⅆ     ⅆ  
ExponentialE     ⅇ     ⅇ 
... Mathematica encodes some character entities with 
the decimal notation.

I was not aware that there exist applications using
the decimal notation, so thanks for this hint.

It is a little effort to implement support for the decimal
notation. It will be present in a future releases of SciWriter.

Bernhard Keil

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Subject: MathML Incompatibility

The MathML recommendations are too advanced for most tools and the
implementations don't support all features. I have moved formulas from
Mathematica to SciWriter but had to modify the code that the
MathMLForm-function of Mathematica generated. MathMLForm generates some
entities that SciWriter doesn't understand. If you use the
sciWriterForm-function given below you can fix some of the

sciWriterForm[x_] :=
        "<mo>&#8289;</mo>" -> "",
        "&#8290;" -> "&InvisibleTimes;",
        "&#8518;" -> "d",
        "&#8519;" -> "e"


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