Re: MathML Incompatibility

To get around SciWriters limitations/bug about not handling decimal
entities, you can tell Mathematica to use named entities instead.  To do
this, use either the Export or ExportString function with
   ConversionOptions -> {"Entities"->"MathML"}
You can also modify the entity name list.  See "Entities and Exporting XML"
in the online help index in Mathematica.

As Jyrki indicated, you can make this easier to use by defining a
sciWriterForm function to be the same as ExportString with the options set.

In general, I think that you will find some of the newer MathML products
haven't been used enough to eliminate incompatibilities.  Sadly, even some
of the older products have their share of bugs.  As more and more people
like yourself use the products, they will get better.

Hang in there...

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Received on Friday, 13 May 2005 16:05:46 UTC