RE: Triple integral and MathPlayer

The problem is that MathPlayer (unlike MathType) lacks the ability to
synthesize a triple integral from 3 single ones. This is an oversight that
needs to be corrected.
If there had been a font present that contains an actual triple integral
character, MathPlayer would have used it, I believe. I believe that the
Lucida fonts have one.
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Subject: Fw: Triple integral and MathPlayer

By the way, shouldn't MathType use: <mo>&DifferentialD;</mo> instead of
<mi>d</mi> ?
I believe iIve selected the correct option from one the examples that
MathType has ("dx", "dy" under the derivs tab option).
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Subject: Triple integral and MathPlayer

Hi everyone,
Does MathPlayer has a problem with triple integrals?
I'm using the following code:
      <mstyle displaystyle="true">


I believe its correct since MathType generated it. However MathPlayer canīt
do the render. It canīt identify the &tint; .
I'm using Internet Explorer 6 and MathPlayer v2.0a .
Any suggestions?
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