Re: please help me!!!!

Liddy Nevile wrote:
> Guys
> I have been struggling with the following class of expressions:
> P.Q,R,...A,B,C
> We have changed our minds a few times about how to do it and worried for 
> months. It has become a 'huge' issue!
> MathType treats the '...' as <mn> no matter where we put them - is that 
> right?

Hmm, ellipsis could be <mn>, <mi> or <mo> depending on how it
was used.  In my experience, <mn> is the _least_ common use
I would expect, but the MathType guys had to pick something, I guess....

More interesting to me is that it seems wrong from a grammatical
point of view to have no operator between <mn>....</mn> <mi>A</mi>
It seems more correct to have a comma:  P.Q,R,...,A,B,C
but then some people may not want to see that extra comma?
[and in that case, they probably object violently! :> ]
Perhaps it should be hidden somehow?

> It also treats the ',' invariably as a <mo> is that right?
That seems normal.
> My other problem is brackets - even where we have brackets within 
> brackets, we'd like to just use <mo>(</mo> etc - is that OK? We tried 
> <mfence> but we did not get to see the brackets, so didn't like it???

By "see" you mean in the xml source, as opposed to in some browser?
There're reasons to both love & hate mfenced.  It seems to sit
halfway between "Content" and "Presentation", and it gives a
headache to a CSS approach to presenting the math....
But, really the answer is: Whichever you prefer.

> I'd love some help!
> Liddy


Received on Thursday, 9 September 2004 08:24:24 UTC