gellmu version -- bug fix release

Version, a bug fix release to replace version 0.8 (and an
earlier bug fix release), is now available at CTAN in support/gellmu.

The bugs addressed all involve the gellmu project's "article"
document type and its output streams for XHTML+MathML and PDF
(via LaTeX).

There had been a serious bug in XHTML+MathML output that could
intertwine subscripts in the content of \sum (or \int or \prod) with
the use of a subscript attached to the \sum command itself for range.
Also the handling of \not in XHTML+MathML output had been simply

An annoying (and regressive) small bug in LaTeX output had caused
verbatim->verblist to be double spaced.

There is now an environmental variable for turning off use of UMSS
(which is on by default) and the default location for UMSS materials
(and "mxh.css") is now simply "../webstyle" (which can be changed
using an environmental variable).

For other fixes and changes see

There have been requests for better documentation and, in particular,
a command glossary.

The user's guide has been expanded somewhat, but it is still far from

A command glossary is now high on my to-do list.  For it to be as
reliable as possible it will be implemented as one of the output
streams from a literate document type definition.  That will take
some time.

Please continue to report any bugs you find.

                                    -- Bill

Received on Saturday, 16 October 2004 17:19:28 UTC