Re: newbie MathML question

Sorry if I'm being dense, but I haven't been able to find this stuff
very easily on either the mathml or the xthml website.  The main
examples given aren't valid xhtml (with the w3 validator), so I dug
deeper.  The best that I could do is xhtml1.1 plus mathml, and of
course css.  However, tools that I considered essential for authorship
(the w3 standard documents for html/xhtml and css) don't clearly add
up with xhtml1.1.  The 1.1 documents don't follow the same format as
the older ones (which I had found particularly easy to use).  Perhaps
I am missing something, or asking too much of you.  I guess the
simplest answer to my question would be one that answers the question
of where a dtd for xhtml1.0 (strict or transitonal) plus mathml is. 
Or, what would I be best advised to do if I want valid xhtml with

Your answeres and time thus far have been very helpful and educational.



On Fri, 15 Oct 2004 09:54:26 +0100, David Carlisle <> wrote:
> > Speaking of which, is it true that the validator doesn't recognize mathml?
> if you mean the one at w3c it will recognise xhtml+mathml documents so
> long as you put the right DOCTYPE on them.
> David
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