Re: textual math dtd ?

I think the problem is to define the purposes: for example if one wants 
to have really re-usable documents (e.g. that will still be presentable 
long term, or that can offer machine processing, or... that offers 
copy-and-paste of math formulae), one needs to strive for semantics.

This is typically much harder to input as a presentation-encoded 
documents (e.g. (x)HTML, presentation MathML, LaTeX) where the only 
goal is "what you see".

Maybe we should brainstorm on how to best express such a thing as :

   <definition><title>definition of real numbers</title>....</definition>

(e.g. should this "define a symbol" ?)
(e.g. can this simply be encoded as metadata on a presentation-encoded 
(e.g. are there different definition types ?)
(e.g. can such a definition be understood and used by a machine ? For 
some things, not real numbers, rather "cosh", it makes a lot of sense.)
(e.g. should this support different presentation modes ?)
(e.g. do we want to navigate from this definition to its "usages" ?)


Le 8 oct. 04, à 10:38, Semirat Stephan a écrit :

>> is there anything standard in writing document that contains math ?
> Well, thanks for the answers.
> It finally seems that there is no positive answer to the question
> above...
> However, it would be great that if you search for "real number" under
> google, it could answer a page containing something like :
> <definition>A <dfn>real number</dfn> is ... </definition>
> or
> <div class="definition">A <dfn>real number</dfn> is ... </div>
> But for that to be done, some real norms has to be defined...
> For the moment, each software has its proper way to manage
> with "textual" math. The recent MathML implementation in browsers could
> be the beginning to really use XML for the redaction of math documents
> (Mozilla wants to be a printing solution, also). As a teacher in
> mathematics that is what i'm actually doing : i've stopped using LaTeX,
> and now i am printing my docs with mozilla FireFox !
> The fact that yet, there is no norm defined is an obstacle to this
> achievement.
> Regards,
> Stephan

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